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Opera Cucine is a unique project, it develops a new range of design based kitchens, thought and developed with high end finishes and top of the line materials.

The goal is to develop kitchens without constraints, hinging on the freedom of "picking your flavour" in terms of materials and finishes going way past the standard item

A modern concept of joinery which manufactures bespoke kitchens with the highest quality, thanks to its skilled artisans, holders of the "Made in Italy" secrets.

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Why Opera

Just by starting with the name we want our customers and potential ones that our ability of making products takes inspiration from a concept embodying the "Italian work of art"

These kitchens are made in Italy, in the Marche region, more precisely in the Pesaro area, one of the best industrial and artisanal districts in Italy and can count on a strong network of artisans and suppliers.

Kitchens made in Italy, in a territory where art and the philosophy of beauty and the well-made are fundamental and part of society itself. Opera draws its inspiration from local artists like Raffaello the painter and Rossini, the composer who conceived masterpieces.

Not Only Kitchens...

We are a successful artisan company composed of skilled craftsmen with 25 plus years of experience in the joinery industry, manufacturing bespoke furniture for both commercial and residential purposes.
Our company can rely on the latest technologies, best woodworking machineries and greatest know how in dealing with all kinds of materials such as wood, glass, metal and fabrics.
The same technologies and know how have been deployed in order to provide the modular kitchen marketplace with the best possible product

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25 years of experience

| Claudio Ferri

Claudio Ferri
I have been the sales and marketing director of the Febal cucine group for 20 years, until 2009, gaining a broad knowledge on everything that concerns design and marketing within the furniture industry.

I began my career within the Febal group as director of the "Bagno in" company in 1987, which turned out to be an innovative concept as many competitors ended up following our lead.

In 1991, the Febal group bought RB Rossana cucine, located in Bergamo, a very well established and highly design driven brand. Here I took the role of general manager in charge of both restructuring and business development of the actual company until 1994. After this wonderful experience, I went back to Febal cucine as marketing director until 2009, with astonishing results in terms of growth and brand awareness

In March 2016, A meeting with Gianluca Marsili and his family sparked the idea behind a project I worked on during the 6 years long period of non-compete clause after the Febal group was sold.
Something quite hard to explain happened, like an instant connection that led us to an incredible achievement: the creation of Opera Cucine.

| Gianluca Marsili

Gianluca Marsili
After a quite exhaustive experience within the Febal Group as national sales manager, I focused on our family business with rather good results, passion and determinations are my main drives in managing the company, customer is key and always comes first. Opera means a lot to me, as it represents our knowledge and skills put into a successful project as well as my main passion, the music as I graduated from the school of music in Pesaro "G. Rossini"

| Andrea Marsili

Andrea Marsili
His curriculum mainly focuses on the technical/artistic skills, holder of a diploma by the school of arts in Pesaro, an institution that has always provided our territory with the most talented professionals.
He is the company owner, together with his brother and manages all technical aspects regarding Opera's services. He personally engineered the factory and its logistics with A1 and the relationships with all suppliers together with Alberto Della Fornace, his role besides being head of the purchasing department is to turn projects into viable options.
Opera kitchens will be manufactured under his supervision, coordinating our skilled workers

| Chiara Mariotti

Chiara Mariotti
Chiara looks afer admin at A1, now she will also manage all back office sales activities of Opera, contributing to a constant development and a solid growth.

Sales Back office together with Alberto's technical support are the the heart and soul of a company that focuses on 100% bespoke products.

| Alberto Della Fornace

Alberto Della Fornace
I have been eating, sleeping and breathing wood ever since I was a child, growing up in a company that was very well known within the industry, I have been specializing in bespoke furniture for more than ten years, focusing on bespoke kitchens.

Natural born technician and driven by a creative passion, I think that the best reward that Opera can give you, is to be able to test the limits of a company with extremely personalized kitchens.

| Jacopo Tonucci

Jacopo Tonucci
Export Sales manager with several years' experience, I had the chance to gain and implement my expertise via working with multinational companies (both domestic and foreign) which were very much driven towards international development. I had the opportunity to live in Australia, USA and Germany always being surrounded by the furniture industry.

I take great pride in representing Italian companies abroad, even more so when dealing with a local yet glocal company.

| Filippo Borselli

Filippo Borselli
Born in 1991, he graduated as surveyor from the technical school "G. Genga" in Pesaro in 2010, had his degree in 2014 specializing in industrial design from the University of the Republic of San Marino.

After several work experiences, he is now been working with A1 Arredamenti for nearly 2 years as a technician. Thanks to his ability and skills learned by doing he can deal with every aspect of the project (estimates, technical drawings, orders, deliveries, installation etc.) mastering both Autocad and our company's internal OS.

| Monica Ferri

Monica Ferri
Graduated in accounting she's the pillar of the company when it comes to admin

| Mattia Gessi

Mattia Gessi
Holder of a diploma in engineering, he's the technician dealing with all of the technical drawings and the company's renderings


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Kitchens on a free mind is online

Kitchens on a free mind is online


Ambiente cucina, talking about us

Ambiente cucina, talking about us


Opera Cucine and A1 Arredamenti

Opera Cucine and A1 Arredamenti


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